In Rocky Horror Picture Show

We’re Doing The Timewarp, To Save Frank

Inspired by the world’s most famous gender-bending rock opera, this Save Frank T Shirt is a maniacal creation of kinky love and rock ‘n roll. Hand printed in London on Premium Cotton, blend in with a raucous and lively crowd with a stylish and comfortable t shirt that pays homage to one of the most exciting theatre and movie experiences ever created, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Every Save Frank T Shirt is hand printed, so you can feel like a custom-built Adonis as you relive the glory days of b-movie kitsch and musical satire. Available in many sizes, these fine knit t shirts provide a true to size fit for optimal comfort and are rumoured to encourage unadulterated “audience participation.” Even if you are a virgin (Rocky Horror Picture Show virgin, that is) you are sure to find your place in the crowd. Besides, you didn’t really plan to wear your finest three-piece suit to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, did you?

Save Frank T Shirts are available in a wide range of style options, perfect for accessorizing with your favourite party hat. Or even a slice of lightly browned toast.

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