In Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Have You Got A Sugar Daddy?

Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, this stunning Sugar Daddy Tee belongs in your wardrobe.  Hedwig’s Sugar Daddy Tee is inspired by the popular musical and film, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Featuring the one and only East German rocker herself, the Sugar Daddy Tee is the perfect attire, whether you’re fronting a band of Korean-born Army wives or simply enjoying a nice meal at Bilgewater’s Family Seafood Restaurant.

This glam rock frock is hand printed in London from the finest cotton knit jersey material.  Providing a comfortable custom fit, you’ll find yourself letting this T Shirt out of the closet everyday.  The Sugar Daddy tee comes in a variety of sizes and colours.   The thin neckline and custom side stitching also provide added support.  A necessity when you have such a busy tour schedule.

Just wear this T Shirt with caution.  Some historians* believe Hedwig’s provocative glance caused the Berlin Wall to crumble in November of 1989. (*Not real historians)

Alexander Ryll
Founder of the world's largest gay-themed film blog 'Gay Essential', and self confessed #twitterwhore. Welcome to the new home for Gay Essential Tees (GET). All Tees are hand printed in London with two cheap delivery options (one price Worldwide, one price UK). Any questions feel free to tweet me or drop me an email
Alexander Ryll